Thanks to the boom in social networking/media, we are able to discover more people who have similar interest to us and learn from each other. I stumbled across a world class Muay Thai warrior named John Wayne Parr on my Instagram feed and was blown away by John’s achievements. At age 41, he is still actively competing and dedicating his life to the craft and leaving behind an amazing legacy.

John posted a very inspirational message on his Instagram page and I would like to share it with you all.


“The life as a Martial Artist. 
How did I end up on this road, this journey to try and reach an impossible destination?
As a child I was hypnotised watching martial arts movies. Seeing children as monks wielding a staff or a sword bouncing in rhythm from technique to technique before dropping into the splits. Watching men defeat their enemy effortlessly with punches and kicks, gliding through the air with their attacks and landing with devastation. 
This was the dream, to become immortal. Knowing I could defend my friends and family from evil, a defender of good in a world turned bad. 
It is amazing how much influence the power of movies has on a adolescents mind. 70’s was Kung Fu, 80’s The Karate Kid, 90’s Van Damme’s Kickboxer. 
For me to see a westerner travel to Thailand and train with the ambition to take on the most fearsome Thai was the foundation of my career. 
I train to perfect my technique, to strike harder then I did the day before. Becoming faster while trying not to telegraph my next move. Constantly changing my combinations so I don’t become predicable. I have to train my mind, body and soul to show no emotion in battle. Even when deep down I believe I may be broken, cut and muscles torn. I must focus on my journey and never give up. 
If I lose my contest, I feel devastated and ashamed, but I can not dwell on it and must learn from my mistakes. If I win, I celebrate in victory, for in that short period of time my game plan was successful. 
Celebration are short lived with the next challenge waiting, more difficult then the contest before. 
Before I know it, I am not only fighting tougher opponents, but I am fighting against Father Time. I tell myself I feel like I did when I was a teenager, but when I hear my age leave my lips it is a reminder I must live for today and make every fight count. 
Once my body is broken and I can no longer compete, all that will be left is the memories. Years of sacrifice and dedication to reach the top of an invisible summit that can never be reached. 
As humans we can not take wealth or possessions to the grave. But as a martial artist we have one chance to leave a legacy that will hopefully live forever.”

John Wayne