1. 嚴詠春 YIM WING CHUN
  3. 梁蘭桂 LEUNG LAN KAI
  4. 黃華寶 WONG WAH BO
  5. 梁二娣 LEUNG YEE TAI
  6. 梁贊 LEUNG JAN
  7. 陳華順 CHAN WAH SHUN
  8. 葉問 YIP MAN
  9. 葉正 YIP CHING
  10. 馬嘉力 MA GAR LIK
  11. 陳振英 CHAN JUN YING

From generation 1-6, the Wing Chun system has been handed down by one successor. The first 5 predecessors believed that Wing Chun should be taught in secret and only taught to one person through a scrupulous selection process. From Leung Jan onwards, the idea of choosing one successor was no longer practiced and Wing Chun was taught to many and openly. Wing Chun has evolved through each successor. Adapting to the times is very important. Wing chun from Ng Mui’s era compared to Wing Chun of today 2018 is quite different. Principles and concepts are still the same and will always remain unchanged. However, our method of attack, training, approach..etc needs to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving world of martial arts. I am very grateful to be part of the Wing Chun lineage, my name is under the 11th generation.  I hope that I may find a student who will inherit the full system of me and become part of the 12th generation Wing Chun Kuen successors.


‘Wing Chun passed down through direct lineage, Chinese martial art maintains its invincible power’