I frequently get asked ‘Am I too old to start training?’. In my humble opinion, I believe that you are never too old to set out to achieve what you desire to accomplish.

Fears and excuses are only limitations that we have created for ourselves. Once you take the first step and stay consistent, then you’ll begin to see that your goals are achievable.

There will be people around you who would advise you NOT to go ahead with achieving your dreams. They will tell you all the negative and fear factors.

‘you’re too this and that…’ ‘you’ll never…’ ‘Nobody has ever succeeded…’ ‘What about this and that…’

The majority of these people are only saying these things because THEY are too afraid to do what you’re trying to accomplish, so they drag others down along with them.

I would rather live a life knowing that I tried my best and almost got there, than to live a life regretting ‘What if’s..?’

Here are a few video’s that relate to this topic and are truly inspirational.