In contrast to my previous blog “never to old”, I would like to discuss the impact that parents can make in their child’s life by investing their TIME in them instead of money.

Children from a very young age mimic what they see, hear and experience on a daily basis. Their mind are like sponges at this age. Very easy to mould them and build a solid foundation in whatever you are trying to teach them.

I’m not saying completely adapt an militant approach and train them hardcore. Using the right program and increasing the intensity in small increments can make studying or training more fun and easy to digest.

There must be an element fun in training otherwise children will get bored and lose interest.

We as parents must be positive role models in the house. We shouldn’t expect the children to read books if they don’t see us read books or to stop playing on the tablet and we are always on our phone. When the children see the practical change in us they will follow.

Here are some inspirational videos of young children performing amazing feats: