March 2018

Student Seminar 22nd April 2018


'Chi Sau Combative Strategy ' seminar by Sifu Garry Mckenzie . "The topic is 'Chi Sau Combat Strategy', I want to get OUR Chi Sau methodology on track. I have my reasons for this which I will discuss in the seminar. However, Wing Chun Chi Sau has become this abstract thing we Wing Chun practitioners do [...]

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Important for students at ILFORD branch


On 23rd May 2018 Ilford will be closed due to miscalculation of days in this term. Please check term timetable For Spring term 2, it should be 6 sessions not 5. In regards to payment, I did not charge monthly subscribers 6 sessions. To avoid complications I will close the school instead of charging everyone [...]

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Trip to Hong Kong


At the end of this year, SiFu Garry McKenzie and SiMo Regis will be organising a 2 week trip to Hong Kong and China. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit the origins of Wing Chun and learn about our Wing Chun heritage and history in detail. You will get a chance to visit: Other [...]

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