Closed for half term

Hi All,

The Peckham/Ilford branch is closed this week 23rd oct – 29th oct and will reopen on the 30th october.

Here are some exercises to do during this half term break:


time yourself for all these challenges

Day 1:

Adults 100 burpees challenge

kids 30-50 burpees

Day 2:

adults 100 pushup challenge

kids 30-50 pushups

Day 3:

adults 200 squats

kids 50-100 squats

Day 4:

Adults 1000 punches

kids 300-500 punches

10 chain punches 10 sets X 10 rounds (kids 3/5 rounds) = 1000 punches

Day 5:

Adults 5k run in 20 mins

kids run up and down a 5 a side pitch 10 laps.

Day 6:

adults 200 situps

kids 50-100 situps

Day 7:

Practice forms in a slow manner.


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