Confirmed grading list

26th February 6pm @ PECKHAM 1 spaces available

Green to Orange: Daniyal, Tom

Orange to Blue: Aisha, Muhammed, Maryam, Kevin, Maleeha

Blue to Red: Jennifer, Huzaifa

9th April 6pm @ PECKHAM 5 spaces available

White to Yellow: Mohammed Abdullah, Said Abdullah, Hanifa Abdullah, Abdiqadir Ilmi, Felix Tang, Mohammed-Musa Billal, Mohammed-Eisa Billal.

Yellow to Green: Karla Hoang, Alpha Coker, Umar Hussain, Maryam Hussain, Hamza Harb.

14th March 6pm @ ILFORD 3 spaces available

Yellow to Green: Xavier, Maryam Shah, Aesha Shah

Green to Orange: Saleem, Nehan, Abyan, Zayyan, Safwan, Humza, Ibrahim Siddiqui, Eesa Yasin, Ubayd

11th April 6pm @ ILFORD 4 spaces available

White to Yellow: Yusuf Uddin, Fatimah Zahra Patel, Mohammad Sa’ad Patel, Rayyaan Ahmad Patel, Rachael Leonce, Ruth Leonce, Sara Pandor, Eesa Pandor, Milan Mistry, Jay Mistry, Faaez Sheikh, Ruqayyah Siddiq, Maryam Rehman.

Yellow to Green: Enayah Hamidi, Zain Ali, Mohammed Ameen Wahid, Amina Wahid,

All Orange, Blue, Red Belts who wish to do their grading can only grade at HQ in Hackney.

Orange Belt: 20th March

Blue and Red Belts: 17th April


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