September 2018

Advance Combat Chi Sau Methodology Seminar


Advance Combat Chi Sau Methodology Seminar "This seminar is for students who have learnt up to Pak Sau Chi Sau and Poon Sau level, assistant instructors and SiFus. All are encouraged to attend as I feel we need to stay on track as to the purpose of Chi Sau, Especially now with the advent of [...]

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Grading Dates For September-December 2018


12th November 2018 @ Peckham 6pm Childrens Grading. 14th November 2018 @ Ilford 7pm Childrens Grading. 18th October 2018 @ HQ Hackney 6pm Adults First Grading. 13th December 2018 @ HQ Hackney 6pm Adults First and Second Grading. 20th December 2018 @ HQ Hackney 6pm Adults Third Grading.

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July 2018

Summer training


SUMMER TRAINING CAMP Here is your chance to sign up for Wing Chun classes over the summer holidays. I need at least 11 children or 7 adults to sign up for summer camp otherwise I will have to cancel it. Main focus at summer camp is working on correct form, structure and technique. Children £20 for [...]

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June 2018

‘THE WING CHUN KID’ Peckham documentary premiere


Some of you may be aware that during April and May, students from UCA came to visit the Peckham branch to work on a small documentary for their university project. Viridian Kerr the producer decided to choose Alpha Coker as the main subject in this film to portray a very powerful message on issues that [...]

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Funday and award assembly


I am excited to announce that this year we will be celebrating the end of year with games and fun activities along with performances and award presentations. This event invitation is for all TWCS students who train at Ilford and Peckham. There will be 7 game tables on the day: Chinese calligraphy Speed cup stacking [...]

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PECKHAM: 9th July 2018 6pm-7.30pm. Children who are not grading please attend your lesson at 5pm. *White to yellow:* Arman syal Sameer Syal Sudais Hirsi Shadiya Elmi Ayman Harb Yacine Lakrim Isobel Aquilina *Yellow to green:* Gadid Adaweh Tasnim Adaweh Felix Tang Tasneem Jama Thurayya Jama Abdiqadir Elmi Nesrine Lakrim Mohammed Abdulle Mohammed-Eisa Billal Mohammed-Musa [...]

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May 2018

Number system


All members of the TWCS Peckham and Ilford please check your WhatsApp for the 'number system' video. You can print out this picture (click link below) to help you practice the punches. NUMBER SYSTEM (click here) Practice on left and right stance.  Training tips: record audio of random numbers 1-8 for 3mins and they playback [...]

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Closed for half term


Hi all, We are closed for end of spring half term and reopen for summer term. Peckham branch: Reopens on 4th June Ilford branch: Reopens on 6th June

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April 2018



All classes at Ilford and Peckham branches are closed during the Easter holiday 2nd April - 13th April.

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March 2018

Student Seminar 22nd April 2018


'Chi Sau Combative Strategy ' seminar by Sifu Garry Mckenzie . "The topic is 'Chi Sau Combat Strategy', I want to get OUR Chi Sau methodology on track. I have my reasons for this which I will discuss in the seminar. However, Wing Chun Chi Sau has become this abstract thing we Wing Chun practitioners do [...]

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