‘Chi Sau Combative Strategy ‘ seminar

by Sifu Garry Mckenzie


“The topic is ‘Chi Sau Combat Strategy’, I want to get OUR Chi Sau methodology on track. I have my reasons for this which I will discuss in the seminar. However, Wing Chun Chi Sau has become this abstract thing we Wing Chun practitioners do outside of REAL combat… and I say WE because even in our own schools this is BECOMING increasingly the case. That is not to say we are going to play Chi Sau with our opponent or opponents. NO! More to point out what its relevance is as a training tool for combat”

Sifu Garry Mckenzie



All TWCS members and students are welcome to attend this in-house seminar. Please speak to your branch Sifu for more information or booking.

All students must be in full uniform.

Cost: £45 single entry.

Date: 22nd April 2018

Time: 11.30am-4.30pm

Location: Valentines High School, Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG2 6HX

Closest tube station is GANTS HILL, then 3 mins walk to Valentines High School.