At the end of this year, SiFu Garry McKenzie and SiMo Regis will be organising a 2 week trip to Hong Kong and China.

This is a fantastic opportunity to visit the origins of Wing Chun and learn about our Wing Chun heritage and history in detail.

You will get a chance to visit:

  • Other Wing Chun schools and SiFus
  • The Ving Tsun Athletic Association
  • The Ip Man Museum
  • ‘The Jing Wu School
  • Tourism around Kowloon
  • Meet and Greet GrandMaster Ip Ching
  • and more…

Intense training schedule:

SiFu Kola usually leads the early morning workout around 7am (2hrs)

SiFu Mckenzie teaches a class around 10am (2hrs)

In the evening we visit another school and train there for about 1-2 hours

I would suggest adults who have at least passed their 2nd grading to take part in this experience in order to get the full benefit.

The dates are 17th November to 3rd December 2018 (estimated date).

For information on cost TBA