Exposing the real you


“Practicing what you preach is easy in the comfort of your own home”


The gradings and competitions are designed to test the practitioner in uncomfortable situations such as:

1)Putting their body and mind through high levels of fatigue

2)Performing their Wing Chun in a pressured environment

3)Testing their knowledge and application of the Wing Chun system. 

I strongly believe that through training in martial arts, you find out what you’re really made of. Taking part in gradings or competitions is a great way to discover what you can or can not do.

On 21st December 2017, a group of us was given the opportunity to take our final grading.

The preparation has been blood, sweat and tears. The sacrifices we all had to make: giving up social pleasures, sleep, diet, family, money….the list goes on.

I hate running but I forced myself to run regularly. It was a struggle to get up early after a gruelling session the night before. Muscle soreness and injuries on a weekly basis.

Juggling family, work and training was emotionally and physically draining.

Snow, rain or shine. The show must go on.

On the week of the grading, mind games were starting to creep in. Doubts, worries, anxiety and stress. Sleepless nights. The intensity grew slowly as it got closer to the date. I asked SiFu a few days before the grading for comforting words. I texted him:

Me: SiFu, It’s starting to kick in. Deep! Lol

SiFu: what is? The grading?

Me: yeh

SiFu: then kick it back!

Me: lol keeps coming back.

SiFu: Just see the grading as one HEAVY training session. That’s all.


Prayers and well wishes kept me calm and collected.


“The fight is easy! The preparation is the hardest” Manny Pacquiao


On the day of the grading, we gathered and were ready for war. The aura and concentration from the other students taking the grading was strong. You can tell everyone has done their part and fought their battles to get here.

One by one, we took to the stage, left everything there and returned a little bit less of ourselves.

The 4th grading is tough as nails. There were moments when I thought was going to collapse. But I grit my teeth and just got on with it.

“When body has given up, the strong mind will drag the body through the trenches.”

I finally understand why the other SiHings say that the 4th is the hardest grading. My respect goes out to every single person who has participated in the grading.

The outcome of the night was a glimpse of success and failure for some of us. Although the result was different for some, we all gained something more precious than passing the grading which is knowing the truth of oneself. What I can and can not do. By knowing this we are one step closer in the game of mastery, one step closer to bridging the gap of knowledge and application and one step closer to expressing yourself honestly.

“I never lose! I either win or learn”