February 2018

Must see kung fu action movies


Kung Fu movies were a huge influence in my child hood and developing the passion for learning martial arts. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs that I start Wing Chun because of Ip Man the movie. Here is a list of my must see action movies. I have chosen these films based on [...]

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My Wing Chun Lineage


FOUNDER. 吴梅 NG MUI 嚴詠春 YIM WING CHUN 梁博儔 LEUNG BOK CHOI 梁蘭桂 LEUNG LAN KAI 黃華寶 WONG WAH BO 梁二娣 LEUNG YEE TAI 梁贊 LEUNG JAN 陳華順 CHAN WAH SHUN 葉問 YIP MAN 葉正 YIP CHING 馬嘉力 MA GAR LIK 陳振英 CHAN JUN YING From generation 1-6, the Wing Chun system has been handed [...]

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