April 2018



In contrast to my previous blog “never to old”, I would like to discuss the impact that parents can make in their child’s life by investing their TIME in them instead of money. Children from a very young age mimic what they see, hear and experience on a daily basis. Their mind are like sponges [...]

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I frequently get asked 'Am I too old to start training?'. In my humble opinion, I believe that you are never too old to set out to achieve what you desire to accomplish. Fears and excuses are only limitations that we have created for ourselves. Once you take the first step and stay consistent, then [...]

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Cus D’amato – ‘Discover and uncover’


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFoCTEjmejM What an amazing relationship between teacher and student. Mike Tyson grew up in a rough neighbor hood. He was around people who was associated with drugs and criminal activities. He escaped that lifestyle when Cus D'amato accepted him as a student of boxing and moulded him in to a fighter. Cus supported and [...]

Cus D’amato – ‘Discover and uncover’2018-04-14T23:22:01+01:00
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