January 2018

The life as a martial artist


Thanks to the boom in social networking/media, we are able to discover more people who have similar interest to us and learn from each other. I stumbled across a world class Muay Thai warrior named John Wayne Parr on my Instagram feed and was blown away by John's achievements. At age 41, he is still [...]

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Amazing weight lifting feats


I have always been a fan of people who can perform extraordinary movements with their body. Once an individual trains to the point where they master that particular movement and takes full control over it, then you will witness true expression of their performance. That is when you will see extraordinary feats. Only an handful [...]

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Health is wealth


Health is wealth A Family from China decided to change their old lifestyle for a more healthier and active lifestyle. The transformation after just 6 months is amazing. We all struggle to lose weight/keep fit and fail to achieve results. However, having a team to motivate and support each other will surely contribute to a [...]

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