The government has decided to allow all gyms to reopen on the 25th July 2020. All gyms must operate with new social distancing guidelines.

Here at the Peckham, Ilford and Thornton Heath branch, we only open during school term time. Conveniently, all our classes finish for the summer holidays before the 25th July. This gives us 6 weeks to prepare for our reopening in the new academic year.

Peckham branch will reopen on the 7th September 2020.  TBC

Ilford branch will reopen on the 9th September 2020.

Thornton Heath branch will reopen on the 11th September 2020.

During mid August, I will be posting a tutorial/instructional video to explain how class will be operated and guidelines that all students must follow when attending classes at The Wing Chun School.


Thank you for your patiences.